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We’re committed to making your next build or repair a reality. Our teams are available year-round, with capacity for small or large builds and timely repairs.

Quality Repairs & Services

Our Approach

Our repair division is able to handle in-water and out-of-water repairs on most vessels, ranging from Regulatory Body Scheduled Inspections to full vessel repair and retrofitting. Through our careful quality assurance and control processes, we ensure every vessel leaves our shipyard with the exact repairs and specifications needed for safety and compliance.

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Our Services

  • Dry dock services
  •  Space for topside work, or daily wharfage
  • Steel or aluminum repairs
  • All in-water or out-of-water repairs, from scheduled inspections to full vessel retrofitting
  • Installation and outfitting of Ballast Water Treatment Systems
  • General loading, unloading, crane, and forklift services
  • On-site welding, cutting, machining, sandblasting, painting, etc. 
  • Ship modernization, including upgrades to pipe systems, HVAC systems, etc.

Our Repair Yard

We dedicate three acres of our Narragansett Bay waterfront property to our repair yard and 1200 ft. pier, which includes two dry docks:


North Side Dry Dock (“Leslie G”)

  • Capacity up to 4,500 tons
  • Inside beam capacity of 78’ and a length of 338’

South Side Dry Dock (“DD2”)

  • 2,300 tons
  • Inside beam capacity of 57’ and a length of 250’
our repaird yard

Our Projects

Senesco Marine is equipped to repair a vast array of vessels. Here are a few notable projects.


University of Rhode Island research vessel, The Endeavor is trusted with us for repairs and is a frequent visitor.

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Your Repair, In Good Hands

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